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 Emotional eating

Absolutely amazing sessions with Lee. He is extremely professional, caring, easy going and a wonderful human being.

I needed to get rid of my extensive chocolate and certain food related cravings and contacted him after a friend recommended me.
I have always wanted to try NLP and hypnotherapy and I cannot stress enough on how AMAZING the session and experience was!

Lee explains everything so well in advance and listens to you very carefully. The sessions were easily conducted via Zoom and was so convenient. Apparently I was a pro at hypnosis haha!

We also did another session to release some emotional blocks.

Both my sessions had a flood of tears but the experience and visualisations were so beautiful.

Its hard to be able to recognise the things that bother you and even harder to seek help for the same, especially when someone like me always felt that I could sort myself out on my own.

I am so so happy with the outcome- my cravings have reduced- my nutrition is so good ( something I had been wanting to achieve for a long time).
Lee also taught me some tapping techniques which I still use if at all my “ right brain plays tricks with me “

I am extremely grateful for what you have done for me Lee, and so glad to have known you!

If anyone is looking on this webpage – don’t think twice! Try him with faith when you are ready to make changes to your life and experience the incredible outcome!!

My deepest gratitude to you and best wishes always!

Dr Mohi S

From another doctor…

I have been unfortunate enough to have had to deal with a succession of major challenges over the past few years and they have taken their toll on me. As a GP I have the knowledge and insight to understand why I was feeling constantly tense, worried and anxious but nothing I tried before had helped. I had taken medication and seen a clinical psychologist without any real improvement. When my sister suggested that I might benefit from seeing Lee, I thought “Why not? I have nothing to lose!”
It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made! I noticed an improvement in how I was feeling after the very first appointment. After the second appointment, everyone around me was remarking on how much more chilled and relaxed I appeared-and I felt chilled and relaxed for the first time in years. Lee helped my unconscious mind to re-set itself so that I no longer felt stressed out 24/7. It changed my life and I will never be able to thank him enough.

Sue M, New Zealand (via zoom sessions)

Fast results!!

Hi Lee.

Just a quick message to thank you for all the help you have given me!
I honestly couldn’t see a way ‘out’, except one option that wasn’t the best idea, but felt possibly the only option at the time.

I can hand on heart say you have changed my life, so much so, my family are now coming to you after being such skeptics 🤨
I feel the cost of the therapy doesn’t reflect your worth if I’m honest, but that just shows the generosity and the honesty in you.

To anyone wanting to change their life, please don’t hesitate in going. I was terrified of the thought of being in a room alone with a man due to personal reasons, and I wouldn’t have gone had Lee not been recommended so highly to me by a trusted friend. But there is absolutely nothing to fear, you are relaxed and in safe hands and company. It works!! Results happen!! For every single one of us that has gone and seen him!!! And we ALL went for different reasons.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Rachel, Herts, UK

Lee got my smile back for me!

I have had the worst gag reflex that affected the majority of my life, 30+ years, from bad smells, nerves, excitement, toothbrush, a bit of meat fat in my mouth all made me gag until I was nearly sick. It completely took over everything that happened in my life.

A few months ago, I broke a tooth, one near to the front, there was absolutely no way I’d even be able to visit the dentist to have the plates put in so they could take impressions, my friend suggested Lee, who had helped her enormously, for a different problem, so I contacted him.

He is such a lovely man, all was done over zoom and I trusted him completely, he refused to give up on me, and once we’d uncovered the route cause of why I had this problem, he sorted it within a couple of sessions, I went into this very sceptical, yet desperate to sort out my tooth, and I’m sat here now, at the dentist, I’ve had my impressions done and just waiting to be fitted with my new tooth so I’ll get my smile back. All thanks to Lee. He’s amazing, don’t think twice, it really works!!

Thank you Lee 😊
Linda, Derby, UK

Hypno Mental reset

It takes a lot to admit to the outside world that you feel broken inside, to disclose bad habits that are destroying your life, especially when your personality has changed into something you don’t like, not to forget the impact on those around you.

Do you like what you see in the mirror? I didn’t. I wanted to change but I didn’t know how. I didn’t know how to cut out the use of pharmaceuticals and alcohol as I did not like the ‘ego’ that appeared.

I explained this to Lee. He reassured me from the get go that he would assist in allowing me to release the past without reliving the negative emotions. This was a big relief for me as I had become an emotional mess.

This man changed my life. I had just 2 hypnotherapy sessions. I have let go of the past, the old negative habits are gone, I smile from the inside out and have now found my inner peace.

I am very grateful and highly recommend his services. He shows great professionalism and has a beaming compassionate personality.

Thanks Lee

John, Business owner, Ireland

Phobia removal

Lee has massively helped me with getting over a fear that I have had for many years. He was extremely clear in his approach, and made me understand exactly what it was that has caused me to develop this fear.

He has been extremely supportive, and made me feel at ease when he was talking me through the processes that he used. I would 100% recommend him, if you need to talk to someone, or get rid of a specific fear.

Amy, Oxfordshire, UK

Anxiety / Trauma

Lee is a master of his craft.

I came to Lee with some trauma from a relationship I had which I had carried into every subsequent relationship for 20 years. I had a lot of fear and anxiety over giving or accepting love and Lee very gently removed all of this baggage I had been carrying using his NLP techniques.

20 years of trauma gone in around 20 minutes.

I’m finally free of the mental prison I had been in and able to move on with my life. I can’t thank you enough Lee.

Andrea, Glasgow, UK.

Lifestyle & Weight Loss

I approached Lee for some 1-2-1 mentoring.  I’d hit a really low patch through some difficulties at work, and had gotten myself into a rut, which had then started to impact my diet, health and the relationships to the people closest to me.

I was comfort eating unhealthy food and had stopped going to gym. The sport I was still playing, I was struggling to enjoy.  During our chats, Lee took the time to understand the full picture, he helped me identify and understand the issues at work, put strategies in place for resolving those issues and helped me set realistic targets for improving my overall state of mind through goal setting around my health and fitness objectives.

Nearly 6 months on, I’m 2 stone lighter and with the new energy have rediscovered a new enthusiasm at work, and know where I want to be in 5, 10 and 20 years.

Simon, IT Project Leader, Herts, UK

Stress & Anxiety

I worked with Lee on a balance of work & life issues ranging from stress & anxiety through to managing colleagues (both up & down) & personal performance.

Lee is different from other coaches I’ve worked with, immediately you feel relaxed with his style & you get real outcomes that you can implement in your day to day life from session 1.

It’s not just talking through issues, but ideas and routines to put in place that help. I think that’s what makes Lee brilliant to work with.

Sales Director, Yorkshire, UK

Confidence & Motivation

I had an amazing Hypnotherapy session with Lee to overcome the lack of energy to exercise and, since then, I have been able to leave the house to do my walks everyday.
Lee is a very skillful hypnotherapist and has the most wonderful voice to lead us into trance. I really felt very confortable and relaxed during the session, almost as if I was floating on a cloud! And results were immediate!
I absolutely recommend Lee’s services!
Thank you, Lee, for your help!
Regina, Lisbon. Portugal

Knee pain

I had a session with Lee to see if he could help with the constant pain in my knee. The session over Zoom was excellent and very relaxing.

The next day I contacted Lee to thank him as the pain in my knee had greatly reduced and I was able to climb my stairs with ease, I couldn’t believe the difference after just 1 session.

I’m now working on a list of things I want him to fix!!

O. Kaplan, Long Island, New York


Smoking cessation

I had the most wonderful experience with Lee as he helped me quit smoking. He explains everything so well prior to it that remote sessions of NLP with hypnotherapy worked like magic. Within a single session I was able to quit.

Subsequently in the next 2 days I had an urge but he checked on me and reminded me that the reason to quit should be stronger than the excuse to smoke!
This has stayed with me till date and he also taught me the tapping method which helped me immensely everytime I had the urge!!

I cannot thank you enough Lee for helping me get rid of this habit! I had no doubts hearing all the wonderful things from people who recommended me and I can vouch for the same!
Best Wishes and I hope you can help as many people as possible to get rid of this habit with ease!!
Thank you So Much!

(via zoom sessions)

Mindset changes

I know lots of people are sceptical about alternative therapy, such as hypnosis, but please don’t be.
It has completely changed me.
Everyone has challenges in their life, it’s how we deal with them that can cause problems.
Lee has completely changed my thought process through hypnosis. It should be recommended through the GP’s .

My relationships with everyone and everything are so different. Especially my relationship with myself and my own mind.
I cannot recommend Lee high enough. Everyone needs a “Lee “ in their life.
Whether it’s unhealthy relationships with food, alcohol, smoking, stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and lots more… just try Lee at Apricity. You won’t be disappointed.

Mrs F, Herts, UK (in person sessions)

Mojo restored!

I was recommended to Lee by a family member who had , had a great experience with him previously.
I was a little nervous and anxious about what hypnotherapy would be like and if it would be suitable for me – after speaking to / meeting Lee I was certain he knew exactly what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be.

Lee instantly made me feel at ease , comfortable and confident. Lee has a real passion and love for his job and is genuinely invested in getting you to where you want to be !

My attitude has completely changed since my time with Lee and I have so much to thank him for!

I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Thank you Lee

Kayleigh, Herts, UK

Mental Detox Session

Last Monday I had a hypnotherapy session with Lee. My main reason for it, well I’m an over- thinker and a what if ? kinda person!

After a chat with him it was decided that a ‘mental detox’ hypno session would be beneficial.
Going into a trance-like state was relaxing and calm and following his lead I hit the point of total relaxation and my mind cleared.

I didn’t think I would have that much stress or emotional baggage that needed releasing but boy was I wrong. It flooded out in masses.
A lot of deep breathing and tears set the release on its way. It took a while but what a difference.

The result, well I feel lighter and freer in my mind. The nagging self-doubt and negative thoughts have more or less gone and when they do appear a simple ‘oh go away” seems to banish them.
I’m sleeping better and it’s a deeper sleep and I’m dreaming a lot more.

I guess I feel like I’m ready to take on the world and could organise or problem solve anything. Much more happier in myself too!

It’s just over a week later and I still have the same belief and mindset and for once actually living in the moment….I’ve had news that would normally set me spiralling into the ‘what ifs’ and over-thinking but you know what, it just doesn’t come into my vocabulary anymore!

Allison, Cabin Crew Manager, UK

Chronic pain

I have suffered debilitating migraines for over 20 years. I had a great hypnotherapy session with Lee to help me live migraine-free and I am delighted to report I have not had a migraine since the session.  

I felt I was in very good hands with Lee, he is a fantastic coach. I highly recommend booking a session.

Leanne, Edinburgh, UK

Anxiety / Depression

I had a massive fear of failure which stopped me pursuing the career and life that I wanted, it limited my interactions and relationships with my friends and family.

I have tried every method possible to overcome this debilitating belief system but nothing worked. I would improve slightly but never enough to make much of a difference. I also suffered from extreme anxiety and constant mild depression which at times would escalate into quite severe depression and I also suffer from PTSD after a traumatic bereavement.

Lee was unaware of these things,  just my fear of failure, but after my session with him the change in me is astounding. My stress levels are massively reduced. My anxiety and depression have disappeared and when taking a medical assessment recently, these were recorded at normal levels. I am no longer waking in the night from anxiety but sleep for between 7-8 hours.

I feel as if I can take on the world and feel joy with life. My friends and family say that they are loving the new me. I can’t thank Lee enough for the positivity and difference the hypnotherapy session has made.

Janice, Carmarthen, UK

No More Migraines!

For as long as I care to remember I’ve had debilitating migraines which lasted for days. These episodes were having a huge negative impact on my life so, when a friend told me about Lee, I thought I should give it a try……as I’d tried everything else!

In the beginning I was a bit sceptical as the only thing I knew about hypnosis was the stage shows but, on speaking to Lee in my initial consultation, my mind was put at ease. We spoke about my issue and the processes he planned to use to help me. He explained exactly what he was going to do and I was more than willing to give it a go.

I had two sessions and found the experience amazing! It was so relaxing that I wanted it to last longer! The most amazing thing is that since my sessions with Lee I have not had a migraine and I can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better. If you think you have an issue that you think Lee could help you with, I would strongly recommend that you book a consultation. I wish I had done it years ago!

Joanne, Healthcare worker, Rickmansworth, UK

Work Issues

Lee has been helping me through a stressful time at work, he was able to explain why I was feeling stressed and gave me some techniques that enabled me to wind down and concentrate on changing the underlying problems I was having with my inner dialogue. I feel so much better for it and really look forward to our sessions.

I’m now seeing people in a different light and am able to act accordingly to control situations where I feel myself getting stressed. We also had a Hypnotherapy session and I must say I think it was the most relaxed I’ve ever felt!

IT Director, Hertfordshire, UK

Phobia removal

It was a pleasure having Lee work with me. It was a seamless experience and the results came after the very first session!

I would totally recommend Lee to anyone looking to overcome and / or speak out about any fears.

Very friendly and amazing at what he does. Thanks Lee!

James, Watford, UK


I’d been struggling for quite a while with a feeling of being stuck – not knowing what to do next and apprehensive about what I thought other people might think. it was total rubbish of course and Lee helped me to see that.

After a Hypnotherapy session with Lee I felt calmer and motivated to get on with the things that I’d been putting off. Two days later, I’d completed a load of tasks that I’d been avoiding.

If you are looking for some help, I’d recommend you talk to Lee.

Andy, Business owner, Ayr, UK

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