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Stress & Anxiety

Do you struggle to relax?

Feel anxious about even mundane things?

Have problems sleeping because of stress?

Do you get into a panic when deep down you know you really shouldn’t?

There is hope!

Using a unique combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP I can reduce your anxiety in as little as 1 session, allowing you to feel more relaxed, confident and calm when previously you would feel panic or stress setting in.

Naturally, for some it may take more than one session to make your fix permanent, which is why I charge per ‘fix’ not per session.

First we will have a free, confidential chat about your issue and I will advise you how many sessions we are likely to need and what techniques I will be using to help you. I won’t stop working with you until you feel better, for good.

Sound fair?

To book your initial free consultation, simply click the button below and I look forward to helping you.



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