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As many as one in three adults will have had some sort of problem with insomnia within the past 12 months. For most, the problem can be short lived, but for some it becomes a chronic problem which significantly affects their life… maybe that’s you?

There are many different patterns of insomnia and 30% of people with insomnia have no problem getting off to sleep but then wake in the early hours and cannot get back to sleep.

Type 1 insomnia (where you can’t get to sleep when you go to bed) can be treatable using NLP.

Type 2 insomnia (where you wake up at ‘silly o’clock’ and just can’t get back to sleep) is usually better treated using Hypnotherapy.

Causes of insomnia

A common trigger for sleeping difficulties is stress and worry and obviously some people are much more susceptible than others.

Other common causes of chronic insomnia include physical illness that causes pain, environmental background noise, depression, irregular sleeping hours due to shift work, caffeine or alcohol consumption and medication side-effects. Other factors can disrupt sleep, such as menopausal hot flushes and urinary problems from infection or prostate disease causing night-time waking.

Once triggered, sleep problems may then be perpetuated by the individuals beliefs and behaviours – they often worry excessively about the effect that inadequate sleep will have on them and so strive excessively hard to get to sleep. In doing so, you create a vicious circle that is very difficult to break on your own.

But don’t worry. Just because you can’t mend it on your own doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Of course it can, and faster than you think!

You know already just how much insomnia contributes to excessive daytime tiredness but did you know that inadequate sleep has been shown to suppress your immune system too. Then there are obviously the issues of poor concentration, irritability, work and relationship problems and a general inability to cope.

Treatment of insomnia

Sleeping tablets may be prescribed for short-term use only when there is a specific cause of insomnia such as bereavement or jet lag.

However, if your insomnia is chronic and causing you long term difficulty, then it is MUCH more important to address any underlying issue, the cycle of the fear of you being awake actually keeping you awake, in the first place.

I can help you and probably quicker than you think, typically in 3 sessions or less, you’ll be getting quality sleep you desire.

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