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Team sessions will improve individual emotional intelligence, develop trust and increase effectiveness for your organisation.

I will explain why we think and act the way we do and how we can adapt and have an improved understanding of ourselves and the people we interact with.  

You will discover how you and your teams can operate more confidently and efficiently based on quickly being able to profile the person or people you are dealing with.

I can help you, your team and your business gain alignment with colleagues, managers, clients and suppliers.

The tools, methods and techniques I teach will enable you to develop a greater understanding of human behaviour and take control of your relationships.

I run half day or full day sessions for teams (upto 10 people) on personality types, how to build instant rapport and Transactional Analysis. The sessions are plain speaking, fun and interactive. 

I can give you an ‘edge’ when dealing with others both inside and outside of your business.

Contact me for a free 30 minute chat to discover how I can help your team up their game.


Apricity - For A Better You