Apricity For a Better You

About Lee

“I believe you get the most out of life by helping the person in front of you as best you can.”

I first became interested in human behaviour in 2002 while on a training course to understand human cultures, personalities and drivers in sales and negotiations. It got me hooked on analysing and understanding people’s behaviour and body language in different situations. I continued to study the subject to get views and theories from all sides and I believe it gave me an edge in my personal and professional development. It gave me the ability to understand others’ perspectives which enabled me to use the correct communication techniques to build outstanding business relationships, to become more influential and to help others grow.

I am a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy (ABH), NLP (ABNLP) and timeline therapy gained through training with the brilliant Phil Quirk at PQ Performance.

During my training I discovered a real passion for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, understanding the power of the subconscious mind and learning how it can enable positive change for many of life’s issues, fast.

You can never stop learning and I continue to study and train in this field.
I have completed further hypnotherapy qualifications  by training with and learning from the very best in the industry including certifications from Mike Mandel (MMHA),  Ali Campbell and the UK Hypnosis academy learning ‘Kinetic Shift’ and ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ (EFT).

I’ve helped friends, colleagues and clients both professionally and privately for many years and the fulfilment I get from helping others to positive outcomes has become something of an addiction – one I don’t require therapy for! I discovered this was my ‘why’ in life, so I decided to make it a full time business & passion by launching Apricity Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

I look forward to helping you help yourself!

Apricity - For A Better You