I am a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach helping people to overcome obstacles in their lives.

Using a mixture of hypnotherapy, NLP & life coaching, I can help you leave behind the things that have been holding you back from becoming a better you.

Happiness doesn’t only have to be a dream. You can become a much better version of yourself faster than you think!

I’ve found in my career that almost everyone has a ‘thing’ that they would like to change if they could….

Now you can.

And whatever your ‘thing’, I can help you; and likely much faster than you think.


About Me…

Therapist, life coach, mojo restorer – call me whatever suits you!
I’ve studied human behaviour for years and I decided I want to dedicate myself to helping as many people as possible.
As a qualified Hypnotherapist (ABH & CMA) and NLP practitioner (ABNLP) I have the tools to help people with many different problems.

Change starts from within. You are only ever one thought away from your experience being a completely different reality and by working together, I can show you how.

I’m based in Denham, Bucks in the UK. If you are in the local area we can meet in person but if you are further afield or would prefer to relax in your own surroundings, we can work just as effectively online through Zoom.

Get in touch by booking a free 30 minute discovery call and let’s get to work on giving yourself an upgrade!

Lee Smith Apricity

What some of my clients have said…

Chronic pain

I have suffered debilitating migraines for over 20 years. I had a great hypnotherapy session with Lee to help me live migraine-free and I am delighted to report I have not had a migraine since the session.  I felt I was in very good hands with Lee, he is a fantastic coach. I highly recommend booking a session.

Leanne, Edinburgh, UK

Jan’s story… 1 session!

I had a massive fear of failure which stopped me pursuing the career and life that I wanted, it limited my interactions and relationships with my friends and family.

I have tried every method possible to overcome this debilitating belief system but nothing worked. I would improve slightly but never enough to make much of a difference. I also suffered from extreme anxiety and constant mild depression which at times would escalate into quite severe depression and I also suffer from PTSD after a traumatic bereavement.

Lee was unaware of these things,  just my fear of failure, but after my session with him the change in me is astounding. My stress levels are massively reduced. My anxiety and depression have disappeared and when taking a medical assessment recently, these were recorded at normal levels. I am no longer waking in the night from anxiety but sleep for between 7-8 hours.

I feel as if I can take on the world and feel joy with life. My friends and family say that they are loving the new me. I can’t thank Lee enough for the positivity and difference the hypnotherapy session has made.

Janice, Carmarthen, UK

Lifestyle & Weight Loss

I approached Lee for some 1-2-1 mentoring.  I’d hit a really low patch through some difficulties at work, and had gotten myself into a rut, which had then started to impact my diet, health and the relationships to the people closest to me.

I was comfort eating unhealthy food and had stopped going to gym. The sport I was still playing, I was struggling to enjoy.  During our chats, Lee took the time to understand the full picture, he helped me identify and understand the issues at work, put strategies in place for resolving those issues and helped me set realistic targets for improving my overall state of mind through goal setting around my health and fitness objectives.

Nearly 6 months on, I’m 2 stone lighter and with the new energy have rediscovered a new enthusiasm at work, and know where I want to be in 5, 10 and 20 years.

Simon, IT Project Leader, Herts, UK

Phobia removal

It was a pleasure having Lee work with me. It was a seamless experience and the results came after the very first session!

I would totally recommend Lee to anyone looking to overcome and / or speak out about any fears.

Very friendly and amazing at what he does. Thanks Lee!

James, Watford, UK